Effects Animation Portfolio

Below is a reel of my current effects animation work. This page will be updated from time to time in order to showcase stronger pieces of animation.

This is a crystal orb animation I created back in the Fall 2017 semester. It consisted of a billowy smoke animation inside of a sphere with a glass-type material. The sphere also acts as a static object to make sure that the smoke does not go outside of the object.

The animation below was created for an art test assignment in Portfolio Development for Digital Media. I had to animate flames using pyro clusters in Houdini; the braziers were created using tubes and the curve tool then made into static objects. There are also fixes I made to the fire shader and the scale of the fire. This animation was completed in at least a week and took five hours to bake the IFD sequence, then at least three hours to render in the college’s render farm.

Below is my midterm portfolio presentation/demo reel for the Fall 2019 semester at East Tennessee State University. There are two work in progress animations, while all others are fully rendered. Blender and Houdini were used to make the animations (the former for the ocean animation and the latter for all others). One of them is the art test animation that is shown above.

This is my current demo reel from the Fall 2019 semester at ETSU before I graduated. It consists of some new animations I made, and an update to the crystal ball animation from a while back using an HDR for lighting and background. I hope you guys enjoy!

Houdini was used for all of these animations.